Have A Little Humanities - Part 2 - Advisor Interviews

In the video below, I sat down with Janis Greve and Randall Knoper, both of whom are advisors in the English Department and UMass Amherst, to get their take on studying the humanities in college. The interview focuses on the undergraduate advising process; things the department does well, areas they hope to improve, and some of the difficulties they face when trying to prepare their students for the job market after graduation.

In the final installment in the series, which will be published here within the coming week, I will offer a brief summary of the larger issues discussed in both the student and faculty interviews, before going on to offer my final thoughts on what will need to be done moving forward to ensure that all students, even those of us who choose to study the humanities and fine arts, are able to find better, higher-paying jobs upon graduation.