Risen is a movie about the hunt for the body of Jesus by Clavius, a soldier in the Roman military. The movie is told through his eyes after the resurrection has taken place to an innkeeper he meets. He is shown to be a non-believer when it comes to Jesus as well as a man who does his job which include stopping unrest and uprising in the city of Jerusalem But he's also a man who is weary of dealing with death on a daily basis and wants a day without it. He does a good job of investigating where the body went and talks to people who say they know of him being alive. Which include one of his disciples and Mary Magdalene with that knowledge. Beside talking to these people, he also talks to the two Roman soldiers who were guarding the tomb and eventually gets a honest account from one about what happened at the tomb. But Clavius believes what the guard saw there, was due him to being drunk. He believes that the disciples are hiding his corpse to make it appear he has risen from the dead.

So he keeps an eye on them in order to hopefully lead him to the body. He does find them, but when he lays eyes on them. Let's just say his thoughts at the sight of them lead him to be stunned. After this occurs, he spends the rest of the movie on a journey with the disciples. Their destination is Galilee. They do get to that destination. But not before the Romans get very close to capturing them through the new aid that Clavis was given at the start of this film. The man disarms the aid and reminds him that he could have taken his life before the disciples and him continue on their journey. The aid ends up never telling of seeing him and the disciples.

This soldier finds answers that he was seeking at the start of this hunt. But not exactly what he believes, would be discovered. He also gets an idea of why these disciples follow Jesus through a disfigured man being healed and mention of his desire for a day without death. As he decides to end his time with the disciples, one disciple points out how can I do anything else.

Which applies he will never be the same and that is how Clavius feels as he finishes his story and is asked does he believe it's all true? Which is backed up by him leaving behind the ring he wears as a Roman soldier as payment to the innkeeper. If people wonder how well this movie being told from that perspective would work or did not think it would work at all. Then I am telling you, it works very well in the movie. It was not in any way a bad way for them to tell this story to people.