Chakra Quilts and Romantic Surrealism at the Hosmer Gallery in April

Chakra Quilts

Anne Goodale grew up in a family of quilt makers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She studied painting at the Whitney Independent Study program in New York. Inspired by a show of Amish quilts at the Whitney Museum, fabric became her art medium of choice. Anne has been avidly creating art quilts for several decades. She has made commissioned pieces and sold her work in craft galleries in New York and Boston.
In the ’90s Anne began working with children, incorporating art for skill development in occupational therapy. Travels to Peru and Nepal expanded her interest in art forms with healing qualities, especially  mandalas. Anne's present work is the culmination of exploring these ideas through the use of color and pattern. This series of art quilts explores the healing qualities of color. The work evolved through the study of the Chakras, the seven energy centers of the body which are each associated with a color.
Alexander "Sasha" Spivak earned his MFA at the Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts, Ukraine. After 24 years in New York, he relocated his art studio to western Massachusetts. Sasha works with oil paintings, watercolors, monotypes, and drawings. His unusual imagery brought him through a surrealistic period to the present series of symbolic and content-rich art. In developing his original style, he established his unique visual world of Romantic Surrealism. Sasha's work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in Russia, Ukraine, New York and Massachusetts. His paintings are in many private collections.
Sasha expresses dynamic thoughts in his paintings,   creating a complete composition while allowing the possibility for other things to occur simultaneously. Through the desire to infuse complex kinetic processes into painting--similar to those possible in music or theater--he has evolved a system of transformations. The transformations from one shape to another express the connections between ideas and a sense of change over time.


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