Breaking the Fourth Wall: How "Urinetown" Parallels the Flint Crisis

When I learned that Northampton High School theatre was putting on "Urinetown", I couldn’t help but see themes in the show that correlated to our country today. I spoke with the cast and crew of "Urinetown" and asked if they believe musical theatre acts as commentary to our society.

bobby strong

The award winning musical by Greg Kotis and Mark Hallmann opened on Broadway in 2001, and has been highly successful with both major and minor productions ever since. The musical satire provides commentary on topics ranging from capitalism, environmentalism, corporate management and theatre itself.

When asked, students connected the plot of the show with the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Evidently, being involved in the arts can help our students make sense of broader societal themes and dilemmas.

"Urinetown" opens this Friday, March 11th and runs until Saturday, the 12th at the Northampton High School. More information regarding dates, times, and tickets can be found here.