Gale and the Fish

Filmmaker and Northampton Community Television grant recipient Melissa McClung describes her experience making the film Gale and the Fish at its screening in the Parlor Room in Northampton.

McClung describes her introduction to film being at an early age, recounting how her parents gifted her with a camcorder when she was younger and how it made her cry with excitement.

The screening included a performance by local band Kidd Biff, who composed original music for the film.

McClung reflected on the experience, saying that Gale and the Fish was exciting because she got a chance to spend time working with her "really talented friends... and playing to their strengths."

In the end, Melissa said that bringing together all of the pieces of both her and her friend's work was her favorite part of the process, saying "I really love film because it's so collaborative that I get to show off all of my friends' art. I feel like a curator!"

Disclosure notice: Melissa McClung has written for Paradise City Press, and Northampton Community Television operates Paradise City Press.