Northampton's Drinking Water Lead Levels Well Below Federal Limits in 2015

From the Northampton Department of Public Works blog

The ongoing drinking water emergency in Flint, Michigan has caused an increase in media discussion regarding lead in drinking water. Northampton’s water is treated daily to comply with federal lead regulations.

In 2015, thirty samples were taken from locations across Northampton and analyzed for lead. Half of these samples showed no lead contamination and the highest result was .00839 mg/l, well below the Federal Action Level of .015 mg/l.

The situation in Flint resulted from the water system failing to implement the proper treatment after making an abrupt change in supply source.

For more information on lead in drinking water please visit:

Complete information on Northampton’s drinking water will be published in our Consumer Confidence Report for 2015.  This report will be mailed with your water bill in the coming months.

Please contact the Water Division at 413-587-1097 if you have any questions.

Featured image courtesy of darwin Bell via flickr licensed under (CC BY 2.0)