Mystic Maps, Landscapes and Dreams, and more at Hosmer Gallery this month

A press release from Hosmer Gallery

Landscapes and Dreams: Photographs by Jim Schlessinger

"Agapanthis and Grasses" Jim Schlessinger

"Agapanthis and Grasses" Jim Schlessinger

Making art long ago became second nature to photographer Jim Schlessinger.

He writes "It’s as natural as breathing. My work is a visual diary, not of where I’ve been, but of what I’ve been thinking. Reflections considered... metaphors evoked. The recognition of a photograph waiting to be made can seem something like déjà vu, when form and content conspire to speak to something partially buried in my subconscious, and all the more meaningful to me. Through my work I’m trying to be a better, more avid observer of the world and of myself and how the two interact."

Within Reach: mystic maps, mudras & mythos by Mona Shiber

Mix Media artist Mona Shiber's work draws from a wellspring of symbolic imagery. 'Within Reach' is a collection of visual offerings; from emerging lotuses and reliquary altars to interpretive bodily forms. While incorporating mix materials of clay, print, fabric, photo and found object, 'Within Reach' is inspired by wisdom traditions, perhaps universal, along a pathless path.

These exhibits will run until December 30 with a reception on Monday December 14, form 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.