The Well Tempered Ukes will Play the Calvin Coolidge Museum

Forbes library will be hosting a concert for The Well Tempered Ukes, a Western Massachusetts trio that specializes in early music, and parlor and art songs. The performance is scheduled for July 29th at 7:00 PM.

For this appearance, they will also play selected music from the time of Shakespeare, including compositions by John Dowland, William Lawes, Thomas Campion, Thomas Ford and John Bartlet.

The Well Tempered Ukes are not to be confused with the AIOUkes, which frequently preform at Forbes. However, The AIOUkes are equally as well tempered.

Making up the trio is Marlene Wong, a ukulele advocate, Richard Perlmutter, creator of "Beethoven's Wig", and Robin Hoffman, long time uke-instructor.


Adapted from a press release from Forbes Library.

Featured image by Katryna Nields