Public Enemy Releases 13th LP, Here are Some Words of Wisdom from Chuck D.

In March of 2014, Chuck D. of Public Enemy and author Gaye Theresa Johnson visited Smith College. The two gave a free public talk in the Weinstein Auditorium that addressed topics such as,"music, social justice and the importance of critical situated knowledge in the 21st century".

Now, Public Enemy is set to release a new album entitled, Man Plans God Laughs, another installment in the group's socially conscious discography. Chuck D. spoke on the idea behind the album,"We’re making a comment about the 21st century in this technological yet still political world. It will be able to tell its own story without me trying to talk to it." Public Enemy has been inspired by artist's such as Kendrick Lamar, who released the politically minded, To Pimp A Butterfly, in March of 2015. Man Plans God Laughs also expands on an idea Chuck D. mentioned in his talk at Smith with the track, "Earthizen", a term he used to describe his perspective on American identity and the sense of entitlement that often accompanies it.