Red Nose Day USA

Red Nose Day a telethon which is part of the British Charity called Comic Relief. Comic Relief was founded in 1985 in response to famine in Ethiopia. Before the main event which I believe is the telethon, we see documentaries. One of them this year is; Operation health which features a project of Comic Relief re building a rundown clinic into a functional health care facility. Comedians are also a feature of this event and will appear in it.

On May 21st, there will be a live showing of Red Nose on NBC. The whole event will be a three hour TV special. Another thing that they are doing in the USA is selling red rubber noses at Walgreens and funds from this sale go to the cause.( A cause I believe many people are for, which is backed up by a Walgreens' employee named Christopher saying “They sold over 300 noses; over 300 in four days”when asked about them.

Two people's impressions of events like these are "Yes, they are impressive, it unites people and gets people to donate money to help others” said a woman named Lydia and one named Karen said “Yeah, I think their good so as long all the money goes to them.” Both also believe that documentaries can teach people about a cause. Karen said “ Yes, I watch them all of the time." Lastly both women believe laughter is the best medicine sometimes. A statement relatively connected to the event along with documentaries being shown at it.

With all of these endorsements to speak of why shouldn't Red Nose day be a hit in USA?