A.P.E. Gallery To Host Tarry Four: An Evening Of New Dances

A.P.E. Performance Gallery in Northampton will host Tarry Four: An evening of new dances.

Performances will take place Thursday May 21, Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23 at 8 PM at A.P.E. Performance Gallery located at 126 Main Street, Northampton, MA.

Tickets are 15 dollars for general admittance and 10 dollars for students and seniors.

Seating is limited so reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by calling 413-586-5553 or by emailing lisathompson@apearts.org.

Paul Matteson, Aretha Aoki, Terese Freeman and Jim Coleman will present an evening of new dances featuring some of the regions most noted dancers.

Paul Matteson, a Bessie award winner and recipient of this year’s prestigious Massachusetts Cultural Council Choreography Fellowship, will premiere Slow Slip Down. With live music by Ian Stahl and Ben Muller, this septet explores “now time” connection, sparse melody, and the sensual edge of mutually recognized touch.

Acclaimed NYC choreographer and performer Aretha Aoki will present Zero, a collaboration with artist Ryan MacDonald and a re-imagining of their 2014 piece The Multiple, in which ghosts appear and the murmurings of the past, present and future leak into the performance space. Zero reflects Aoki's commitment to a rigorously intuitive process of making and the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated elements.

Acclaimed veteran valley choreographers Terese Freedman and Jim Coleman will premiere their new duet under a collage of image and action that explores aging intimacy, exhausted routines and taken-for-granted communions, with video and sound to orient and sharpen the dislocations.

Find more info about the event and the A.P.E. gallery at A.P.E. Arts.

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Photo courtesy A.P.E. Gallery