Northampton Water Use Restriction in Effect

What happens when the water runs out?

Well, if it's anything like what you might see in the new Mad Max movie, we'd be smart to pay attention to the water use restrictions that the City of Northampton has put in place.

According to the Department of Public Works, non-essential water use is being restricted to, "ensure a sustainable water supply and to protect stream flow foe aquatic life." The ban will be lifted water levels are deemed high enough by city officials.

The following outdoor water uses are not permitted between the 9-5 hours:

  • Don't water your lawn with automated irrigation.

  • Don't wash your car at home (for some reason it's ok to take it to a car wash, I'm scratching my head too.)

  • Don't wash your house or any other exterior surfaces like your driveway or sidewalk.

Water used in the production of food is ok, so go ahead and water your tomatoes.

City officials mean business. If you are a rogue water user, you could be punished.

"Any person found violating these water restrictions is subject to the fines established in Chapter 325 and Chapter 40 of the City Ordinances. These fines are $100 for the first violation and $200 for the second and subsequent violations."

You will not be chased down King Street by a gang of post-apocalyptic car mechanics who have been influenced by one too many trips to Burning Man, but still, you should probably abide by the rules.

For water conservation tips or to find out when the restrictions have been lifted, go to the DPW site.

Image of Rawnsley Park Station, South Australia. Licensed under Creative Commons