DETOUR: Northampton Construction Updates

You can expect the following delays and detours in Northampton this week.

Warner Bros, LLC, under contract with MassDOT, will be working on Bridge Street from Damon Road to Fair Street which is great because that road is insane. The work this week will include some pavement reclamation near Orchard Street and general patching. Contact MassDOT District 2 at 582-0599 if you need more information.

Disturbed areas on Bridge Road will be receiving a good hydroseeding on Thursday. Thank goodness for that.

On Tuesday, Sylvester Road will undergo some shoulder repairs and other miscellaneous work, so they have that going for them, which is nice.

Jack Goncalves and Son will be working on Winslow Ave and Florence Road.

Detours will be in place around Florence Road and Pine Street and Ryan Road and Spring Street while the roads are graded and temporarily paved on Tuesday. On Wednesday the Elks building will be getting some valve connections so, you know, the ride home might take a little longer than usual.

Also, Winslow Ave and Federal Street will be seeing some water service work on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

As always, be mindful of road crews and pay particular attention to police who happily direct traffic flow.

Did you know that you can stay up-to-date on traffic detours and road work through the Northampton Public Works blog? Well you can, and it's kinda neat.


Photo by Ian Britton, Licensed under the Creative Commons