The Re-Center Opens Its Doors

Saturday April 25th marked the official ribbon cutting of the Re Center Swap Shop in Northampton MA. Northampton Citizens lined up outside to search through the building of free goods as well as to donate their own household extras.


Mayor Narkewicz cuts the ribbon the Re-Center

The purpose of the Re-Center is to promote the recycling of durable goods and materials in the Northampton area. The more that can be reused and recirculated the less that goes into our landfills and incinerators. Through increased reuse, recycling, and composting, the Reuse Committee acts to greatly decrease Northampton’s municipal waste stream.

The Reuse Center project has been in the process of being completed for over 15 years. After multiple false starts and failed attempts, the project finally began steady progress in mid-2013 after the Board Of Public works approved a business plan submitted by the Reuse Committee, to create a Reuse Center in Northampton. The chosen location for the Center was the run-down extra room at the Northampton dump. This way, even the space for the Re- Center would be recycled.

After almost a year of volunteer run renovation work, the space was finally made suitable for the Center. Now, what was once a neglected and ignored room at the dump, is a repainted, refurbished room filled with recyclable goods for the citizens of Northampton to find and use.