Watch Evan Falchuck and Andrew Zibalist discuss Boston's Prospective Olympic Bid

The bid for hosting the Olympics in 2024 in Boston was the focus of the discussion featuring Smith College professor Andrew Zimbalist and United Independent Party Chairman Falchuk. This event took place at the Florence Community Center in Florence, MA on March 8, 2015. This discussion brought local elected officials and people all over from Western Mass to voice their concerns and gain information.

In addition to joining the discussion, Mr. Falchuk has begun working on a binding statewide referendum back in late January of this year. The referendums goal is to help voters throughout Massachusetts to decide whether Boston will submit a bid for hosting the 2024 Olympics.

Many are skeptical of the long term vision that this project holds for Massachusetts, and if the budget will actually be kept to its proposed amount. A worry of many residents is that the hosting of the Olympics will go over budget, and turning to taxpayers to foot the bill.