The Christmas Candle

The movie opens to a narrator telling of a generous spirited candle maker from 200 years ago in this town called Gladsbury. This candle maker says a pray directed to people living hard lives in the town. One night, an angel comes and blessed an candle. That candle maker gives the candle to a pair of orphaned kids who pray to it and then find their fortune changes in the form of being taken in by a wealthy elderly lady, that is how legend got startled. It's a time span of 200 years later, we see a man named David Richmond actually who is a minister working in a soup line for the Salvation Army. It's shown that he's a kind heart ed man when he helps out a's young pregnant girl who been kicked out by her boss and gets her a room to sleep in. While he's kind heart ed man, it seems he having a bit of an issue when it comes to being a minister; that is shown when a woman who has tried to persuade him to be minister in Gladsbury a couple of times shows up to see him and again, he turns her down.

But then like he decides to try and be a minster one more time in Gladsbury. He arrives there and meets up with some of townspeople which include a man with consumption 'his skeptic of faith daughter, a boy who can't speak since the death of his parents, the caretaker and his wife played by Susan Boyle and the present day candle maker of Gladsbury along with his wife whose name is Haddingtons. The minster learns of this Christmas Candle that goes on in the town, while he does some of things that involves candles and are traditions in this church. His reaction to the Christmas Candle is, it is superstitious nonsense. Not really expecting any of those people who have requested the Christmas Candle to get miracles out of it, he tries to go about them and their miracles happen in another way. As do the Haddingtons when they knock all of the candles to the ground and lose the blessed one after the angel comes, they decided to give all of the candles to the people who made requests. The minster's other way of doing miracles consists of taking actions which included repairing a roof, finding a goat, donations of food and putting up a string to guide a blind man.

It seems to be going okay until he decides to put electric in the church. People are frighten by it and a fire starts. The caretaker who was just diagnosis with a weak heart tries to put out the fire but his heart gives out. Almost no one shows up at his next service. The minster is obviously not in good spirits. Although, he tries to do about doing his job. He chops wood for the caretaker's wife to use. The daughter of the man with consumption fetches him to be at her father's side when he takes a turn for the worse. However, he can't even say a prayer for the guy. The situation seems to hit a nerve with him. The daughter questions him saying a prayer and he points out it's an easy thing, “you do it.” Remember, this person is a skeptic when it comes to faith. But he does come back and is at the man's side. We learn of why he felt as he did initially when he tells of praying for his wife and daughter with consumption and no miracle occurred. He also mentions the effect that had on him to the ill man's daughter.

The Haddingtons somehow find the blessed candle and tries to give it their son which they haven't seen in awhile. But the candle is returned and then the lady who wanted the minster to come to Gladsbury, she brings fore the idea to give it to the minster which probably came from the time it was given to a minister and he had change of fortune that allowed to repair the church and feed the in need families of town. As well as because of the low spirits he has been in. He is just about to light it when he see the daughter of ill man with a candle. She was given one by the boy who can't speak as a way to help her father. At this point more or less, the decision that Haddingtons had made with the candles gets revealed. After, she along with minster confronts them on the whole false hope thing. She gets back home to find a change with her father has happened This is where things get rather amazing with everyone in Gladsbury.

At Christmas eve's service, David plans to tell people what the Haddingtons have done, starting with those who have thought they gotten the candle. Only to find their miracles have somehow come true, the boy can speak, a blind man saw for a moment, someone even got the husband she wanted, the man with consumption got well enough to attend church which is where his daughter find him and that is  a miracle that I found more pleasing. The minster does use the actual Christmas candle when he lights it along with the skeptical daughter in a snow storm to find the pregnant girl who brought Gladsbury to help and then they do. I heard that when God close a door, he opens a window which I think he does for the Haddingtons in form of the girl. She turned out to be pregnant by their son and left by him. Instead of getting a son back, they now have a grandson to hold. The minster after all of this, decides to stay in Gladsbury. Now I get it what a summary I read is talking about when miracles and human colliding in the movie.