The Life of Resurrection 2

I watched the series premiere of Resurrection. A TV Series about the dead returning to a town called Arcadia, Missouri. I found it to be a worthwhile show. In other words, I liked it. I watched the season 2 premiere and found that made up for the lackluster season 1 finale which got made to look it was going to be huge. It wasn't. The season 2 premier started a week after the events that were in the season 1 finale.

These custom agents that brought Jacob back to Acadia and basically started this whole the dead coming back finds himself in the same area where he was during finale without Jacob. He rushes back to Langstons's who are Jacob's parents and gives them the status of what happen with the two. He surprised to see Jacob at home again. He remembers the two being grabbed by the army. He learns some of the return got to stay with their loved ones in the town. And others were taken away. He also learn a week has passed. He remember a little more and we learn he was interrogated. There is a big reveal that happens with this character at the end of the episode.

But first lets state what is going with on other characters. The sheriff after receiving a blow concerning his late wife who has returned makes him call the army. His daughter is very angry with him and he believe the people that are his family and are back, aren't really them. He just is very dark and depressed. The town is angry at him for calling the army.


At this moment, it would seem not to be a good idea for anything else to go on with this one family. But it does, the matriarch returns from the dead. Jacob wakes up and goes to the cemetery to see his grandmother there. She asks what happened and is told. She does reconnect with her other son Jacob's father. A reconnect that shows that the two had an decent relationship. She asks to see her other son, the sheriff and is informed of how things are with him at the moment. Later, we hear a conversation that took place between the mother and Jacob's father. It stated as not great, she mention Jacob's father seeing her in the hospital with her when she was in a coma. She points out the sheriff didn't come. Jacob's father however states he was there and just couldn't handle it. Perhaps that why she shows up at the sheriff being when he's ready to use his gun on himself. She firmly convinces him she is his mother. Then comforts him. All of which to me proves she was aware of how dark he could be.

As for the what is going on with custom agent Bellamy, he tries to connect with his boss for help. But instead connects with the people who interrogated him. His boss turns out, believe a fake story of him being unstable and the dead returning thing to be a hoax. One mysterious character shows up and makes him a ofter to be their ears and eyes in the town. She alludes to something that happened with him. Then he gets one last memory flash. It turns out, he tried to escape them and grabs a gun. But then he is shot and killed. We see his dead body being kept somewhere. I told this you made up for lackluster finale.