Firewalking Event to Be Held Sept. 19 at Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen

GOSHEN – Karina B. Heart, a certified firewalk instructor and life coach, will lead a firewalking event on Friday, Sept. 19 from 6 to 10:30 p.m. at the Three Sisters Sanctuary, Route 112, (188 Cape St.)

Karina Heart BWHeart said firewalking is a powerful catalyst for personal empowerment, and her goal in teaching the practice is to help participants face their fears and overcome obstacles in their lives.

At the event, participants will build a wood fire and take part in breathing and other exercises to prepare them to safely walk across the 1,200-degree coals.

“Firewalking is such a powerful, immediate and transformational experience,” Heart said. “Once you do it, you ask yourself, ‘What else do I believe I cannot or I should not do because of fear?’ When we walk on fire, we recognize that things we never thought possible are not only possible, but safe and easy.”

As part of the event, Heart will work with participants to identify goals they want to achieve in their lives and determine what is preventing them from attaining those goals. In addition, each participant will take part in building and lighting the fire. While the flames burn down to hot coals, participants will raise their energy level through specific breathing exercise and movement to ready them for the walk, she said.

Heart, owner of KBH Enterprises in Leeds, completed Firewalk Instructor Training from the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education in Hawaii. She has successfully walked across hot coals more than 100 times.

The cost to attend the Sept. 19 event is $165 per person; $145 for those who pre-register or $275 if two people pre-register together at

Heart is a 1995 graduate of Mount Holyoke College’s Frances Perkins Program. Her self-designed degree was in Women’s Spirituality and Power; she graduated summa cum laude. She has been facilitating personal empowerment internationally for over 25 years.

She is available to facilitate firewalking events privately as well as at festivals, conferences, fundraisers and other venues.

For more information, contact Heart at (413) 207-5200, or visit

featured image courtesy of mararie via Flickr under Creative Commons