Susie's Hope : a Symbol of Forgiveness

On August 3rd a movie called Susie's Hope premiered on a network called UPTV. This network is mentioned to have uplifting programming. This movie definitely falls into that labeling. This movie starts out with this couple named Donna Lawrence and Roy preparing for the birth of their child. Roy goes about fixing up a room for the child. Donna and Roy are picking out names for the child if its a boy or girl. Roy's choice is Sam if its a boy. Susie is Donna's choice for a girl. This woman is a dog person and she has a little toy poodle to back that up. Donna at one point with her friend Ramona notes a dog barking and makes some comment about how the dog, a pit bull is being treated. Ramona points out dogs can't choose their owners. I think that actually happens here with Susie which is the name of the burned dog that comes into their lives after the attack. With the dog barking, her husband just closes a window, while Donna goes outside to feed the dog. Unfortunately, she does that one more time and then the pit bull goes after her by chopping her leg. She does get away from the dog and gets to her neighbor and friend Ramona. Ramona gets her to the hospital.

The aftermath consists of her husband being with her in the hospital room. He can't even speak the words that she lost the child. Add to that, they can't even have anymore. She comes home from the hospital and her husband goes to work. They tried to muddle through things. Roy locks up the room that was going to be the child's room. Donna ends up going into that room while she cooking breakfast. Her breakfast ends up burning and her friend Ramona races in the house because of it. Donna is found in the room in tears. Ramona comforts her and her toy poodle does that too. Donna is despairing and while her husband is muddling through, she goes to the park with Ramona. While the two are talking, it comes up as to why God saved her from the attack. Somehow her little toy poodle leads them to what they think is an dead badly burned puppy. But the dog somehow manages to lift her head and look at Donna.

The dog is a mix pit bull puppy in fact taken to the animal shelter. It points out that helping the dog will cost at least 17,000 dollars. They just don't have the money. The mix pit bull puppy is almost put down. But Donna said they will raise the money somehow. A news report is done on what has happened to this poor dog. Donna goes on the news report and asks for donations. During this report, she also give the dog the name she was going to give a girl if they had one. The donation request works very well. They get money for the needed medical attention. Her very good husband who has been rather angry due the attack and consequences even in fact waits with her throughout the surgery  or the dog. It comes up that Susie needs a foster home. Donna volunteers to do that even though Ramona points out that Roy could have a problem with it. But Donna states this is why God saved her from the attack.

She does bring the dog home and we get a flashback to what the dog has been through.Susie just freaks a little bit. She does this due a match being lit by Roy when he tries to do a romantic dinner for Donna and the two dogs when shortly before this its points out by one of his friends taking Susie in makes Donna have a lot of guts. Then Donna has a little bit of freak out of her own when she tries to move forward with a bit by cooking Roy breakfast. They do in fact catch the guy who has done this horrible thing to this dog and another new program shows Donna and Roy this. The attorney who going to be trying the man for the acts of hurting this dog, comes to her house and beside stating there could be no punishment for the man. He also states that he wants Susie to be present at the trial to show what has been done to her. The date of the trial turns out to take awhile to be set. Its happens around Christmas. They at this point now have an very healthy bigger Susie on their hands. The room which was to be their child's room now is a bedroom with a little Christmas tree in it. That is two types of progress that has now occurred. At the trial where damage to Susie is shown, the abuser tries to use the myth and facts about pit bulls to its advantages. But then an interesting twist occurs the abuser's girlfriend turns out to be the actually previous owner of the dog. She even agrees to testify at the trial. This twist allows them to charge this guy with actual prison time instead of just giving him a walk. Then a law to deal with animal abuses gets made into a bill named Susie's law.

Susie also has at one point been adopted by Donna and Roy. Susie has surprisingly accomplished a lot. This dog has been taken to hospitals to teach people about animal abuse by Donna. As for the bill with Susie's name on it, it got made into law through a 47 to 0 vote. The governor of North Carolina where all of this occurred signed the document making this a law along with Susie's paw print which is on it as well. Like I said I think the whole dogs can't chose their owners thing which was mentioned; in fact, actually happened with Susie choosing Donna as her owner after this horrible attack.