Jim McGovern & Friends Take On The Ice Bucket Challenge

Dry one second and soaking wet the next, Congressman Jim McGovern stood on the Northampton City Hall steps and took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

McGovern was challenged by City Council President Bill Dwight who appreciated the symbolism of accessible local-politics. "It's sort of the mindset of less button-downed, more accessible government and government officials...They understand what it means to be part of a community. They're willing to put themselves out there to be embarrassed and cold at the same time." Dwight said.

Along with McGovern was State Rep. Stephen Kulik, WGBY general manager Russell Peotter, former Hampshire chief probation officer William O’Riordan, WRSI's Monte Belmonte and Joan Holliday, and WHMP's Bob Flaherty. McGovern said

"It's a terrible disease and with enough support we can fund the research to cure it. What I like about this effort is that lots of people are participating, lots of contributions both small and large are being contributed and I think great things can happen as a result of that."