[VIDEO] Pulaski Park Revisioning

Pulaski Park hides itself behind large spruce and dogwood trees downtown, directly next to the Academy of Music and Memorial Hall.  It hasn't been redesigned since 1976.

Last Thursday night citizens were invited to offer ideas and suggestions to improve the park.  Some recurring ideas were that Pulaski could stand some new lights, water features, and separation from the bus stop.  Northampton residents urged Stimson Associates, the firm heading up the redesign, to flip the benches that currently face the walkway, 180 degrees to face the grassed area where kids commonly play.

Laura Stimson, Principal of the project, led a brief presentation on ideas from the firm before turning it over to the public.   "[Pulaski] doesn't represent the values of today...we're in this thriving, vibrant city that has really visible environmental ethic and strong progressive nature. It would be really amazing if this park right at the heart of it all could reflect that" said Stimson.

Follow up meetings are scheduled for May 22 and June 26 at the Northampton Senior Center.