Alan Edelstein on Northampton Film

Producer and Co-Director of the film Deceptive Practice Alan Edelstein visited Northampton on February 9th for the screening of his documentary at the Academy of Music. Alan grew up in Northampton, and after the show he talked to us about how growing up in a town with a vibrant film community influenced his youth.

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  1. Jim Cahillane 3 November, 2017 at 10:35 Reply

    Hi, Dave…interesting that my experience dovetails with Alan Edelstein’s. I recently wrote it up.
    Conditioned Air

    Northampton: City in Western Mass
    Enjoys any number of valid claims
    To fame—many of them a bit rash
    Yet, its denizens quickly take pains

    To boast of Mayor Calvin Coolidge
    Who did rise in Boston to Governor
    Of the Commonwealth soon a bridge
    To President—though a bit of a bore.

    A citywide contest back in the day
    Would choose a cinema’s moniker
    Thousands of entries entered a fray
    For fame tied to a hot thermometer

    Its garish banner: “Conditioned Air”
    A marketing novelty in the 1940’s
    When fare wasn’t bodies bare, but
    Flicks A & B: Cartoons & Shorties

    Its marquee to today reads CALVIN
    Letter perfect for the touring troupes
    Rock & Rolling where lovers did sin
    High in the “gods” as ushering boots

    Shone a bright light upon his stairs
    Where long-armed swains tried it on
    Moving parts—smooth like Astaire’s
    Youth not wasted—lived then gone.

    This nervous observer wondered at
    High School’s Nun-measured whirls
    By bobbysoxers in their secretive tat
    Sweet, unattainable lobby candy girls.

    I, usher, as was, now avoids heights
    Streaming on Netflix—cool movies
    To fill many lifetimes of long nights
    Lacking laughs—editing memories?

    (July 18, 2017).

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