Winterpills return to Western Mass

from the desk of Steven Mortell

Local Northampton Indie rock sensation Winterpills will be performing their 2012 album “All My Lovely Goners” at the Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke this Saturday. Winterpills' music has been described as “intoxicating architectures of sound” by a prominent music review and back up this claim with incredible live performances. What makes Winterpills so unique and fantastic is the serene vocal pairing of band members Flora Reed and Phillip Price. Each singer’s voice alone is enough to entrance any listener but when both artists bring their talents together in harmony, the results are sublime.


Winterpills most recent album, and the one they will be performing this Saturday,  “All My Lovely Goners”, is nothing short of spectacular. Each song explores a different world of unique personal sentiment.

As the album’s tracks slowly works rhythm and emotion into an explosive climax of meaning and melody. It is extremely easy for listener’s to become lost in musical ecstasy. Winterpills' music delivers a unique energy that not only physically stimulates it’s listeners, but also evokes powerful emotions able to trigger fond personal memories and nostalgia. It’s hard to label this band’s unmistakable sound, but one thing is for certain, checking out the Winterpills this Saturday is a must.

Winterpills will be preforming in Holyoke on February 1st. Tickets here.

music review taken from Paul Baumann

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