Jurassic Park Review

It's a wonderful world we live in, full of wonders and marvels, but one question that's repeatedly asked is "wouldn't it be better with dinosaurs?" This movie answers that question with a firm and rather blunt "no." It's wonderful to have the ability to see it in theaters, especially for people who were too young or didn't exist when it was first in theaters. Plus, it's in 3D, although you should know right away that no dinosaurs come out of the screen into the theater, which is pretty disappointing. Despite all the logical flaws in the movie, it's still pretty great. Actually, the logical flaws make it even more fun. If you find yourself watching it and for some reason not enjoying yourself, have a competition with your friends to see who can find the most mistakes. There are lots of them, and they're subtle. Another thing to count is how many existential monologues Jeff Goldblum has. The visual effects are fantastic, with a pleasant blend of computer effects and animatronics. There are funny moments as well as scary ones, as well as a great cast, catchy soundtrack, and humorous sound effects, this movie is full of strong female characters, from Dr. Ellie Sattler to the Tyrannosaurus.  Samuel Jackson is in it, and says one of the best lines in the movie. It would be very wise to go see this in theaters. You never know when your next chance will be.

Image courtesy of iheartjurassicpark.tumblr.com