Author Speaks on JFK, Mary Pinchot Conspiracies

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 2.51.48 PMWritten by Brad Andrews

NORTHAMPTON - Psychologist and Author Peter Janney visited the Media Education Foundation Thursday, April 11th to discuss his new book, "Mary's Mosaic."  Janney's presentation began with an overview of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (this being the 50th anniversary of the event), the inconsistencies within the CIA and the Warren Commission's reports, and the important link these events have with the corporate controlled, Orwellian nightmare that we now see in the American media as well as in our own government.

Janney alludes to JFK's vision for a new era of peace in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis being the prime motive for his murder.  He then went on to discuss the subsequent assassinations that followed Kennedy's, particularly the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, Kennedy's mistress and the main subject of Janney's book.  Through his traveling and painstaking research, Janney concludes that the murder was part of a much larger conspiracy that is still being ruthlessly covered up to this day.

Peter Janney is a graduate of Boston University and has been a practicing psychologist for over 30 years.  His father was a high ranking CIA official and he cites that becoming an anti-war activist in the 1960's was what consequently ended their relationship.  Peter's distaste for the state of American Democracy during the Cold War motivated him in his quest to uncover the truth, which he continues to this day.

"It's really worth the effort to find the truth," Janney says in his conclusion.  If there were any one message that he wished to convey in his public speaking and in his writing, it would be the importance of critical thinking and activism.


Photo courtesy Cliff via Flickr. Used under creative commons license.