Northampton Agricultural Commission 4/3/2013


1.     Agriculture Commission membership update


2.     Approval of Agriculture Commission Minutes of March 6, 2013


3.     Coordination with the Northampton Conservation Commission, Kevin Lake, Chair

A.    Joint agriculture preservation restrictions

B.    Open space preservation program

C.    Licensing conservation land for farming

D.    Wetland permitting

Photo courtesy of David Rothwell (Rothwell172) on Flickr.

4.     Update on status of projects

A.    Dike Road closure at Pleasant Street

B.    No parking under and adjacent to water standpipes

C.    Maintenance of Meadows Roads and other items from BPW meeting, if any

D.    Final date(s) for 2014 Agriculture Forum and any other preparatory work


5.     Set next meeting

A.    Provision for extra meeting during the summer if necessary

B.    Fall meeting schedule


6.     Other issues not anticipated when agenda written