Recycling Event Set for Saturday, September 14th

From the blog of the Northampton DPW:


ReUse & Recycling Event this Saturday

The DPW is sponsoring another reuse and recycling event on Saturday, September 15th from 9-12 at the Smith Vocation High School, in cooperation with the Salvation Army and Bikes Not Bombs.

Members of the DPW's ReUse Committee will be accepting bulky, rigid plastic items for reuse and recycling.  Most of these products have excellent reuse potential:  plastic crates, barrels, buckets, lawn furniture, plant pots/trays, kid's climbing structures and toys---even plastic flamingos!  Residents and small businesses are encouraged take away whatever they can use.  It’s all free!

The Salvation Army will be accepting donations of usable goods, including but not limited to kitchenware, wall decorations, games, DVD’s, tools, sporting goods, luggage…practically anything in good condition except mattresses and upholstered furniture.  Electronics (anything with a plug) must be in good working order.

In addition, the Salvation Army will accept donations of clothing, shoes, accessories and textiles. Textiles unsuitable for reuse or resale will be reprocessed into wiping/polishing cloths, insulation, carpet padding and building materials.  Textiles can be worn, torn, stained, missing buttons--- but they must be clean and dry.

Bikes not Bombs will be accepting donations of bicycles and bike parts that are not in active use-- all types and sizes-- unless they’re very rusty.  Bikes Not Bombs requests a $10 per bike donation to defray processing and shipping costs, and can provide a receipt for tax purposes.

For more information contact the DPW's Waste Management Supervisor at or 587-1059.

Photo courtesy of via Flickr. Used under creative commons license.