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From the blog of the Northampton Department of Public Works:

Transfer Station Update

The [red] vehicle permits required for access to Northampton’s two residential drop-off centers will expire on June 30th.  The 2012-2013 permits are now available through the DPW office (8:30-4:00 Monday-Friday except major holidays).  These permits will be available through transfer station attendants after July 1st.

The Board of Public Works approved a new fee structure for the vehicle permits that eliminates the senior discount and adds a “means-based” discount program for FY13.  The permits will now cost $25 for residents of all ages.  Income–eligible residents may receive a discount (of up to $60 per fiscal year) through the DPW office.

The Board took this action based upon a unanimous recommendation from the City’s Waste Reduction and Management Task Force “to develop and implement a means-based discount as opposed to a senior discount.”  This recommendation was submitted to the Board in April 2011, following a series of public meetings.

For more information contact or call 587-1059.

Photo courtesy of wools via Flickr. Used under creative commons license.