Collateral Beauty Review

I decided to see Collateral Beauty in theaters because the preview for the movie looked good. I wondered whether there would be a twist in the movie like there was in another movie I once saw in theaters. The story consists of a man played by Will Smith who has lost a child. He's a mess and his advertising company is barely holding itself together. Three of his co-workers develop a plan to save the company. They use three actors to play time, love and death.

Since the loss of his child, he has been questioning these things, through letters to them. It's made to seem like they are answering him. When this starts to happen, he starts to talk to a woman who runs a grief support group. Ironically these three actors end up helping Will Smith's character's co-workers deal with issues that are related to the parts they are playing. These actors end up working for Will Smith's character and his co-workers. The company is saved. Which is the desired effect they want. But about that twist I wondered whether it was happening in the movie. The woman from the support group is not some stranger. Its a very good twist that is featured in film

Also look for one of the actors at a very unexpected time. The scene with that actor at that time was very surprising to see on the screen. It made the film be very good. Also during that scene listen very carefully to the words being said by that actor and you will know where the title came from.

At one point, it seem that these actors were helping out very well with both the situation with the ad company and problems the co-workers were having. But I didn't say for certain they were just actors. Its like what's going on with that good twist I mentioned with the woman from the grief support group not being a stranger. Will Smith ends up getting a happy ending with this woman.

As for those actors not being actors like they seem to be, watch the scene at the end with close attention. Once you see that one scene. You will get the idea of what they are. You could call it another little twist that happens in the movie. The movie was just a pleasant surprise and very enjoyable to watch.

Courtesy of Reina Joana via Flickr.