48-Hour Video Game Challenge

Students and professional gamers gathered at Adele Simmons Hall at Hampshire College for the 2016 Game Jam. "Jammers" had a total of 48 hours to conceptualize and craft an original video game, based on a surprise topic. This year, the theme was "ritual."

Throughout the weekend, participants filed into Simmons complaining about their lack of sleep. "I haven't slept in 24-hours!" said game developer Creath Carter. Hampshire student, Jonathan Kittell-Queller, had a similar sentiment: "sleep optional, though, highly recommended."

The process was broken up over the course of the weekend to cover idea generation and brainstorming, game pitches and team formation, a play-test session for all games, and a final demonstration of all the games. Participants were eager and got to work quickly to develop their games in the short 48-hour window provided.