Governor Baker, Senate President Rosenberg and Speaker DeLeo Release 2024 Olympic Games Report

Today, Governor Charlie Baker, Senate President Stan Rosenberg and House Speaker Robert DeLeo released an independent analysis of the Boston 2024’s proposed Summer Olympic Plan conducted by economists at The Brattle Group.

In June, Governor Charlie Baker, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stan Rosenberg commissioned The Brattle Group, a global consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to complete an independent analysis to examine aspects of financing, infrastructure, and economic impacts relative to Boston 2024’s bid preparation with a focus on assessing risk to local and state governments.

While the U.S. Olympic Committee and Boston officials agreed to end the city’s attempt for the bid in late July, this report was completed and made public as planned by Beacon Hill leadership.

“Though the U.S. Olympic Committee and Boston 2024 withdrew this bid a few weeks ago, I am pleased to join Senate President Rosenberg and Speaker DeLeo to release this independent analysis carefully prepared by Brattle as an objective examination for future planning and infrastructure projects in and around Boston,”said Governor Baker. “I would like to thank the Senate President and House Speaker for their bipartisan support of this endeavor, members of the Brattle team for the long hours they spent preparing this thoughtful analysis, and Boston 2024 for the spirit of cooperation and transparency that made this report possible.”

“The Brattle Group’s report will serve as a resource as we continue our focus on stimulating the economy and improving our transportation system while protecting Massachusetts’ taxpayers,” said Speaker DeLeo. “I thank the Baker Administration, Senate President Rosenberg, and The Brattle Group for their diligent work. I look forward to collaborating with state and city officials to use these findings as we enhance our ongoing efforts.”

“This report highlights our bipartisan efforts to protect Massachusetts taxpayers and I want to thank Governor Baker and Speaker DeLeo for their partnership,” said Senate President Rosenberg. “Even though the bid was withdrawn, this report demonstrates that there were a series of real risks associated with bringing the games to Massachusetts.”

The report focuses on Boston 2024’s proposal to be a host city, the dynamics of the International Olympic Committee bidding process, and the risks to state and local government. Brattle was assisted by Professor Allen Sanderson, Professor Brad Humphreys, and Floyd Advisory LLC in this effort.

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A press release from the Office of Governor Charlie Baker.

Featured Image: "Boston Skyline" by Tim Bouwer licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0