Business/Life Coach for introverts launches syndicated column

NORTHAMPTON Val Nelson, a business and life coach for introverts, launched a work advice columnalso for introvertson Quiet Revolution in June and is now being syndicated on Huffington Post.

Quiet Revolution is a fast-growing web community for introverts launched by Susan Cain, the best-selling author of Quiet and a star of the TED talk world. Quiet Revolution hired Nelson as one of its columnists, and Nelson quickly gained a following there with a flurry of questions and comments.

Nelson has also had other recent and widespread exposure. She was a speaker at a February conference at Harvard Business School, called Dynamic Women in Business, presenting on “Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower,” and she was recently featured in the online edition of Psychology Today.

Its been a year of high visibility for me,said Nelson. I'm happy to notice that Ive become at ease with that, compared to my wallflower days, when visibility made me so nervous. Im still an introvert and enjoy my quiet time, but I no longer have the shyness I once had. I love helping other introverts find their natural flow too.

While her clients are all over the country, Nelson sees local clients in her office in Northampton. She provides both individual and group coaching options for career, business and life concerns. She also hosts a free online discussion group for introverts.

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