The Rooks release "Wires"


The Rooks, a Brooklyn based, six man indie-soul funk fusion band released their sophomore EP, "Wires" this past Monday. The Rooks, who formed at Wesleyan College in Middletown Connecticut, describes their sound as "equal parts kick-back, head-knock, and get-down". Two of the bands founding members come from the Northampton area, and regularly play at The Hinge.

"Wires" has an undeniably different feel than their previous EP, "Something You Can Take." The album seems to be a back and fourth deciding between trying to rekindle and old flame or to let things be.  Lyrics like "Maybe we're better off now" and "Maybe it's better we don't know" make their way into may verses on the album, and "maybe" seems to serve as a motif to the listener, as the lyricist decides "maybe" he should move on.

Their sound also shifted from brassy soul sounds of "Something You Can Take" to more of an indie-funk fusion feel. This really highlighted their growth as musicians, especially for guitarist Graham Richman, who's complicated riffs shaped the emotion of the album.

You can listen to and download "Wires" on BandCamp.

The Rooks will be preforming at the Hinge with Mammal Dap on July 20th.

Featured image by Charlotte Christopher.