The Northampton Trust Act - An Interview with Mayor Narkewicz


On August 28, 2014 Mayor David J. Narkewicz issued an executive order to assure that every person who lives or visits the city of Northampton is treated equally regardless of their immigration status. The Northampton Trust Act mandates that the city's police department creates policies and procedures to implement the following components:

  • That the Northampton police department officers not honor or enforce any detainer request from the U.S immigration and customs and informant agency, particularly those who are not criminals or do not have any previous crime history.
  • That the Northampton Police department allow motor vehicle operators who were stopped for a violation and found to be unlicensed be given a reasonable opportunity to arrange for a properly licensed person to pick them up regardless of their immigration status.
  • That this policy is embedded in the training of every officer and that all of the procedures are updated to ensure that all members of our immigrant community feel that the Northampton police department has developed a trusting relationship with them, including translation services, making sure that the immigrant community can access the police department with confidence and without fear.

Video produced by Kamika Bennet and Bryan Torres