NeJame & Kling Law Offices Recognized with Certificate of Appreciation

NORTHAMPTON— Attorneys Julie Kling and Mark NeJame, partners at NeJame & Kling Law Offices of Florence and Northampton, were recently awarded certificates of appreciation by the Lyme Disease Resource Center, Inc. of Northampton.

NeJame and Kling, also husband and wife, of Florence, were recognized for the legal work they donated to the resource center to help it obtain tax-exempt status with the IRS, allowing any contributions to the center to be classed as charitable contributions.  Kling, who specializes in work with nonprofits, secured the organization’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and advised on board matters. NeJame reviewed and offered counsel on the center’s lease for its Northampton office.

The Lyme Disease Resource Center incorporated in October 2013. It serves those with tick-borne illness and their care partners, connecting clients and the community to resources, free activities, support groups, complementary therapies and workshops on the issues surrounding tick-borne illness.

Kling believes strongly that attorneys should contribute to the community and that is why, when a friend told her about the Lyme Disease Resource Center, she was happy to donate her time.  Both NeJame and Kling continue to advise the center on a pro bono basis.

“It’s an area of medicine where there is a rising consciousness,” Kling said. “People are realizing Lyme disease can be a debilitating disease that negatively affects many people’s lives. The Lyme Disease Resource Center is helping make people aware that the danger is out there, and it provides resources for people who misunderstand as well as misdiagnose the disease.”

NeJame & Kling Law offices are located at 90 Conz St. in Northampton.

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