VIDEO: Jody Kasper Sworn in as Northampton Chief of Police

On Tuesday evening,  Mayor David Narkewicz swore in Jody Kasper as the city's new Chief of Police. In accordance with the City Charter, Mayor Narkewicz's nomination was first submitted to the City Council for approval.

With the Council's endorsement, Kasper is now the first female in Northampton's history to hold the position. She has served as police officer for 17 years and has been the Captain of Operations in the Northampton Police Department since 2014.

In her acceptance speech, she acknowledged the current challenges of working in law enforcement both locally and nationally. However, Kasper went on to express hope for healing the rift between police and the public, stating, "It is also important that we move beyond the limiting role of law enforcers and instead embrace the broader concept of policing."