Grow Food Northampton Applies for Grant to Expand Giving Garden

Grow Food Northampton, the largest community farm in Massachusetts, is applying for the $15,000 Gardens for Good grant from Nature's Path in order to further expand community food efforts.

The farm occupies 121 acres of permanently protected farmland and is home to Crimson and Clover CSA Farm, Slow Tractor Farm, Sawmill Farm, Mockingbird Farm, and The Grow Food Northampton Community Garden. Grow Food Northampton is committed to ensuring food security and sustainable, local agriculture. Many permaculture principles were applied to the design of the garden. These principles ensure that soil nutrients will not be degraded and biodiversity preserved.

The Giving Garden is devoted entirely to the production produce for local soup kitchens and pantries.  The Garden was recently was expanded a new 4,000 square feet with the help of a 5,000 dollar grant by the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation.

With the grant, Giving Garden would be able to, "quadruple it's food donations from 2015-2016". These donations would go towards the estimated 1,600 food insecure households in the city of Northampton.

You can vote for Giving Garden to receive the grant here.Voting officially closes July 6th.