Ant Man: Big or Small Hit?

I went to see the movie Ant Man the opening night at the Garden Cinema on 7/16th. The movie is what I call off-beat. The only thing I really know about Ant Man is this character is supposed to be some kind of scientist and investor with a wife who dresses up in a wasp-like suit. Basically the movie is where the Ant man suit is handed down to the next generation and a thief become Ant Man.

Michael Douglas's character has always had certain concerns with a particle connected to use of Ant Man's suit. So when his former protege name Cross manage to put together a suit called Yellow Jacket which he wants to shrink like Ant Man. The inventor and original Ant Man and his daughter Hope played by a lost TV series's actress get together due to this , to stop the concerns connected to the particle that powered any suit like this. There is a need for a new Ant Man to help with this goal. That honor falls to a just out of jail thief called Scott Lang.

This man isn't exactly a fighter but does have a Masters in Electrical Engineering. He also wasn't always a thief. He found out about a crime at the company he worked at and tries to blow the whistle on it. He lost his job and then broke into the company when he took action to give people their lost money back. Now he's just a man trying to be a better person for his young daughter. He's working in order to get money so he will be able to visit his daughter. But he loses his job at an ice cream shop. He then turns to an easy break-in that he initially turns down when mention by a friend. The job turns out to be a set up through a chain of people by the original Ant Man. The scenes where he has shrunk for the first time with the suit on is hilarious.

His training consists of maneuvers and using the shrinking action at the same time. He also learns to be a fighter and how communicate and therefore work with different types of ants. Ants that consists of flying ones and ones that build structures like bridges. There is a very interesting cameo experience that happens when the thief had to break-in to a place to get a device need to take care of problems with what Cross done. The thief had to break into the Avengers' storage place and comes face to face with the Falcon who was introduced in the second Captain America's movie. He does get the needed device from the place. But then more security goes up to where they need to break in. So it decides to bring in the three offbeat fellow thieves who helped with setup break-in.

The taking care of potential Yellow Jacket blowup does happen despite Cross knowing about what was trying to be done. Cross ends up with the Yellow Jacket suit on and view Ant Man and he goes at it. Cross goes to Lang's young daughter in order to lure the Ant Man to him. They fight again and Lang has to do the like, certain death move that cost the original Ant Man's wife. He does this, knowing what could happen and said I love you Cassie as he does it.

But miraculously, he comes back after that move after hearing her call Daddy. After all that, he allowed to see his daughter and doesn't go back to jail. I found this movie to be solid and it held my attention very well. It held my attention better than the other latest marvel-related movie I have seen which was Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus the Falcon is shown to be looking for Scott Lang at the end of the movie. Which shows that We will see more of this generation's Ant Man.

Photo by Global Panorama via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.