Downtown Northampton Fixture "Faces" to Close after 40 Years

Residents in the Pioneer Valley shared their favorite memories after hearing that their beloved Northampton store, Faces, would be officially closing this year.

Locals, loyal customers, and employees are deeply saddened after Faces made the announcement in early January. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on it.

Faces' Facebook page states:
"Official statement 1-7-15: Faces at 175 Main Street, Northampton MA is scheduled to close early 2015. Many thanks to all our loyal staff, past and present and our many vendors with their interesting and exciting merchandise. And especially to the many customers during our forty-plus years in business who have continued to support and enjoy Faces as a lively presence in the valley."

The store has become a Northampton landmark, popular for its funky products and changing, creative window displays.

Faces has been in business for 40 years and the owner, Peter Vogel, said that he did not make the decision to close lightly. He stressed the pressures of running an independent store, including the increasing costs of health insurance, personnel, taxes and business insurance, and utilities. In this statement, he thanked his employees, vendors, customers, and members of the downtown business community.

Vogel says the store still remains profitable, even with the basement already closed. He, in addition to the community, hope that someone will buy the iconic store and keep it alive.

Faces employee, Gregory McManus, values his time working at the store, saying, “It’s a way of life, basically a way to be genuine.” McManus first entered to Faces when he was 11 and started working there after returning from California last year.

“Everybody was just so open and nice and smiling. This is where I wanted to go. This is what makes me happy and what makes everybody happy,” he said.

Many loyal customers expressed their love for Faces’ unique products and listed favorites, like the book area and quirky kitchen accessories.

Both children and adults could enjoy the same type of store together, appreciating that the products are not limited to a certain audience. Passerbys reminisced on their earliest memories of the store, frequently mentioning going with their families and enjoying going through the goods together.

The community is deeply saddened by Faces’ announcement to close its doors and begged for the store to stay and hopefully stay the same.

Northampton resident, Nancy Szeglia, said, “It’s such a part of Northampton. I just don’t know what it’ll be like without Faces. I will truly, truly miss it.”