"The Throwaways" screening this Thursday

What deems a person as worthless? As a throwaway?

The Throwaways is a documentary exploring the harsh impact of police brutality and mass incarceration against the Black community, in addition to the homeless. The film highlights discrimination within the justice system and other institutions and its impact against marginalized groups.

Ira McKinley, a formerly incarcerated activist and filmmaker, tells his powerful story and speaks directly to the national movement rising up to fight back against a wave of police killings of black people in America.  In a September interview with Democracy Now! McKinley tells how he got started:

"When I was homeless, sleeping in a tent, I wanted to document my journey. I put together a homeless artist showcase one year. Because of me being homeless, I wanted to show the goodness of homeless people."

McKinley has history in Northampton, where he was homeless for some time. He spent time at Northampton Community Television, learning how to use the proper equipment and gain skills necessary to tell his story.

"They said, "Well, if you want to do it, you need to learn how to do it yourself." So I went to Northampton Community Television, and I learned how to film and edit there," he says.

NCTV and The Academy of Music in Northampton will be screening this film: Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. Purchase tickets here.