Dakin Hosts 5th Annual Adopt-a-Pet at Florence Bank

Amid the usual rustle and bustle of withdrawals and deposits at Florence Savings Bank on Wednesday it was the high-pitched mewling of kittens drew visitors away from their usual business, if only for a minute, to play with some fuzzy felines in need of a home.

On March 4, visitors came for the fifth annual Dakin Humane Society Adopt-A-Pet day, hosted by the bank at its Main Street location in Florence. Bank customers, among other visitors, were welcomed to meet and play with two kittens and five older cats in hopes that someone might adopt a new pet.

While technically a "meet and greet" since the animals could not be taken directly from the bank, the event connected pets in need of adoption with those locals looking for a new pet. Once connected, each owner-to-be was directed to Dakin's office in Springfield to fill out all requisite paperwork and take their furry companion home.

"We don't have a lot of dogs at Dakin - which is great! We have about six in Springfield," said Gina Cipiari, Dakin's events manager. "Some of the dogs are shy in situations like this and this isn't the best environment for them, so we decided to bring just the kittens... Sometimes kittens just want to stay in the cage and snuggle."

Dakin has been partnering with Florence Savings Bank for years, with the shelter having previously received the bank's $5,000 Customers’ Choice Community Grant program. This grant money was redirected by the shelter in a program to help dog and cat owners who cannot otherwise afford to feed their pets, according to a press release about the event.

“We always look forward to the Adopt-a-Pet Day with our friends from Dakin," said John F. Heaps, Jr., President and CEO of Florence Savings Bank, in the release.

"They provide a great service for our region, and our customers tell us that they really enjoy the event. We encourage everyone to come by, whether you’re thinking of adopting a pet or just want to visit with a few," he added.

The Dakin Humane Society can be reached at its Adoption and Education Center at 171 Union Street in Springfield, as well as its Adoption Center at 163 Montague Road in Leverett.