Dolphin Tale 2 Review

I saw Dolphin Tale at Greenfield Garden Cinema once. I have now seen the sequel to Dolphin Tale called Dolphin Tale 2 at Greenfield Garden Cinema as well. In the sequel, Its 3 years later and Sawyer has become much more involved with the Clearwater Aquarium. As well has his older cousin Kyle who got injured serving as a soldier in the last movie. We see their involvement when Sawyer shows a group of volunteers at video of them rescuing a dolphin who would be called Mandy. Kyle is driving the truck, they using for it. Clearwater has grown quite large in the comparison to how it was in the last movie which was just a small place. Crowds of people come to the place. In fact, the real life champion surfer name Bethany Hamilton who lost an arm, makes an cameo appearance in the film.

That is basically the past developments that have occurred and what went on in the present. This scene also brings an interesting and exciting development for Sawyer. His cousin brings a professor friend of his out of Boston with an opportunity. The opportunity offered by professor is an learning aboard program where he lives on a sail boat and learn about marine life in various locations. A full scholarship to the college in

Boston is also part of the package. But before Sawyer really can decide to go. There is a sad development with a dolphin name Panama that is paired with Winter like dolphins are suppose to be.

Winter has been very near Panama and not leaving her side. I believe one of my dogs senses when something wrong with someone. I think that what occurred with Winter when it came to Panama. She is found gone from respiratory failure. Winter become very depressed after. She of course was very attaches to Panama. Another pairing of a slightly unusual nature happens as well with a sea turtle found and that pelican called Rufus who was in the first movie. But what was interesting is how the sea turtle was found. Rufus has been acting a little unusual even for him. He repeatedly perch in same spot. Sawyer and Hazel the daughter of Harry Connick Jr’s character decides to check it out and finds the sea turtle there. From then on, Rufus acts as bodyguard and companion to the sea turtle. He even fly out to sea with her when turtle release.

 Now nobody is really terribly panicked about Winter being alone just yet. Because they have Mandy the dolphin they rescued earlier. A man comes to inspect the place and get on Harry Connick Jr's character , the doctor in charge about pairing Winter like he's suppose to. But then dolphin, Mandy is practically 100% percent healthy and it pointed out she can be released and function out in the ocean. So pairing her with

Winter kind of goes out of the window. Hazel and Sawyer object to this. Harry Connick Jr's character say it's what's right even to the owner of aquarium who points out We could lose Winter. Sawyer's mom points out referring to the situation along with being in a hospital which is nobody wants to be in a hospital. Winter seems to get worse and hurts Sawyer when she has an appointment with Morgan Freeman's character the guy who made her tail.

With what going with Winter, Sawyer is a reluctant to go on a sailboat. Winter's bad luck continues when a order to transfer her to Texas come. Sawyer is still showing reluctant attitude when his mom throws him a going away party for the whole learning on a boat thing. Morgan Freeman's character say to go for it when comes to the boat.

Then the hand of provenance interrupts the party and brings a needed dolphin to them. Harry Connick Jr's character carries a little baby dolphin to a pool himself. In hopes that she will work out with Winter, she is name Hope. They try to pair them up at first. Hope is swims around her like she saying come on move. Winter does, but

Hope is freaked out by her less normal swimming. If it has been a good pairing, the two would swam together.

It's suggested her tail be put on for a look of more normal swimming. The builder of Winter's tail brings a new and slightly more like a real one for her to wear. Huge crowds of people who have heard about the pairing has gather outside and inside the place to hear if it works. Hope does the same thing as before and this time, they swim together. The pairing of Hope and Winter actually happened in real life. This movie seems to tell me things about friendship and loneliness. Everybody needs a friend. Rufus and that sea turtle proves that. Nobody wants to be alone and sometimes are not alone and don't have to be. Mandy in the movie was greeted by her pod when released into the ocean. Winter got very depressed and then happily accepting Hope is one more showing of that. It seems there is something about friendship and its connection to dolphins. Maybe, it can be stated that they are social creatures who feel emotions.