See photos from Midnight to Midnight - Northampton's 48 Hour Selfie

Northampton's first ever Midnight to Midnight, a forty-eight hour local photography spree in early May, was a success. Over nine-hundred photos were submitted from more than one-hundred amatuer and professional photographers.  The collection will act as a "digital archive" for Northampton's history.

Some common themes seen in the submitted photos were nature, the pride parade, church steeples and architectures, and lots of downtown images, specifically the multi-colored crosswalk.

Stan Sherer from Historic Northampton, helped curate the overwhelming number of submissions. Sherer said:

 "We are very pleased with the overall results of the event. We have a wide range of photos and, in the future, we look forward to receiving photos from all the schools, city workers, and more participants in general."

Below are some selected submissions from Midnight to Midnight.