Fate and Edge of Tomorrow

I went to see the Edge of Tomorrow at Greenfield Garden Cinema. It was an Alien action motion picture where alien invasion has taken place.  An American officer played by Tom Cruise who does public relations for the people and this conflict is doing his job. When  he finds himself draft into serving in combat for first time because an general. He tries to get out of it, but finds himself drafted into serving in combat for the first time because of a general. He tries to get out of it, but finds himself sent to the front lines where he doesn't even know how to turn on the gun, that is a part of this combat suit he is wearing. He goes through this disastrous task of fighting the aliens a couple of times because he kills an alien that called an alpha and gets its blood on him. One of the people in the battle which is an war hero played Emily Blunt; that has been mentioned by this officer a couple of times when he is doing his PR  job. She realizes what is going on with the PR man and says at one point  "Come find me when you wake up."  Which is an action he does and she explains what is going on. She said the Aliens can repeat time and that what this guy is going through is what happened to her until she got an blood transfusion. Leading to mentioning of the one rule that apparently exists for this situation which you die quickly and don't let that happen or you will lose the power.  She also points out destroying an object called an Omega would stop the Aliens from doing  the resetting of time and making it so they will win the war.  She tried to do it and failed. She ofters to train Tom Cruise's character, so they can get to the location of Omega, which Tom will know through  visions that will start to happen to him. This movie was found by me to be not a bad movie. It features fate as theme in the movie as well as moment of foreshadowing which I really like and I'm good at recognizing.

The theme of fate seems to me, to get started when a sergeant involved with the battle Tom Cruise goes into; mentions why he disliked gambling and it involved being the master of your own fate. But also perhaps eariler, it can be said the fate's theme is present when Tom's character tries to gets out of going into battle. Of course, he attempts at doing that action, it doesn't work for him. The first moment of some kind of foreshadowing is when some men in a unit called J Crew notes they weren't suppose to know we are coming. Emily Blunt's character and the PR man try repeatedly to get her to the Omega, so she can destroy it. But needless to say, she loses her life a couple of times. It goes so badly that Tom Cruise's character tries to keep her safe. But that doesn't work due to her figuring out, this been done before and not ending well. He confesses to what he trying to do and she is not having any of it. It's just not her character's style. Through all of this, PR man has learned a few things about her which turns out to be a tip off to him trying to save her life. Although, she does shortly before she dies, one of the times tell him her real middle. After this point, he doesn't include her in one of his run throughs. He goes to it alone to the location of Omega and finds an Alpha and other alien ready for him as well as no Omega present as that location. It's a trap set up by them in order to get the power of resetting time that's in his blood back. He tells Emily Blunt' s character and a scientist friend of hers who believe all of this, that it was a trap.

Now it's up to a device this scientist created to tap into what an Alpha has and now Tom Cruise has to find the right and real location of the Omega. But the General who got Tom Cruise's character into his first taste of combat has the device in his possession. After a couple of times where they try to get it from the general. They manage to at least get it out of the door and have it be used by Tom. But just as they finish that, a car crash occurs and Tom gets that blood tranfusion which takes away the power. Now the only way is for Tom's character and Emily's character is to go Paris which is the real location with men to kill Omega before all of the fighting on that day starts. The time looping becomes helpful with this because beside learning a bit about Emily's character. He manages to learn a lot about this one unit of soldiers too. With the unit going with the PR man because of Emily's character War Hero's status, they're off to Paris t0 get Omega. It gets down to just the PR man and War Hero doing the task. One last moment of foreshadowing is Emily Blunt saying " I wish I had the chance to know you better." She makes it, so Tom Cruise can destory that Omega. He dives into it with grenades and gets close to Omega, but not before being stabbed by an Alpha. Then as Omega goes, Tom Cruise's character gets covered in Omega's blood like he did with Alpha which started all of this going around and around.

This time he wakes up one last time, not in the same space that he has been waking up when he's doing all of  the time looping. It's a little bit of shock to say the least, since he knows he supposed to be dead. He finds out that  the Aliens have died off and all of the human armed forces will be celebrated this across Europe. He sees with his own eyes that the unit called Jcrew is alive and well. He goes and sees Emily Blun's character alive and well too. When she treats him rudely, unlike everybody else who treats him with respect because he's an officer, he breaks out in a big grin. Talk about being the master of your own fate, it's look like due to a lot of hard and grueling work the PR man made that happen. It would also seem to apply that now there is a chance for them to get to know each better.

Photo by BagoGames via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons BY 2.0.

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