Seahawks Rattle Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII

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When most football fans think of Peyton Manning they remember the talented and clutch quarterback that lead the Indianapolis Colts too win a championship in 2006. We have all seen what Peyton Manning is capable of, more than enough times over his hall of fame career. With five MVP nominations under Peyton’s belt, last nights Super Bowl performance comes as a huge shock to Bronco and Manning enthusiasts across the country.

The tone of Super Bowl 48 was set during first snap at East Rutherford, NJ MetLife stadium last night. With not even a full minute of play on the clock an ill prepared Peyton Manning completely missed his first snap resulting in 2-point safety for the Seattle Seahawks. Early on the Seahawks proved they came to win applying serious defensive pressure to the more than capable Denver offense. Unfortunately the Bronco’s first snap of the game wasn’t the last of their mishaps. Seattle’s impregnable defense restricted Manning to 280 passing yards, 2 intercepted passes and a variety of lost fumbles. In fact it wasn’t until the third quarter that the broncos finally put one in the end zone to fruitlessly challenge the Seahawk’s 36 unanswered points. Seattle’s defensive coverage, in the franchise’s first Super bowl championship, is proof to the fact that the Seahawk’s were clearly the more prepared team.

"It's not too crazy to us, because we knew what we had in our locker room," Harvin said. "We knew how we prepared and we knew what we were capable of."~ USA Today

Bronco’s Fans everywhere will undoubtedly be disappointed today and most likely the next few weeks as the harsh realities set in for Colorado’s aging superstar quarterback. Although Peyton’s talent is far from lost, it’s hard to picture Manning staying in the game longer than the next four or five seasons. Bronco fan’s everywhere were banking on a championship season this year, with the team’s resent trade agreements such as Wes Welker. The valuable trades that Denver had acquired early on this season were only suppose to solidify Peyton’s Super Bowl Championship, yet with the season ending in a lose the Bronco’s will suffer loses of several senior players that were vital in getting the team to the Super Bowl. As a Patriots fan I too can understand Bronco fan’s predicament with an aging QB. Tom Brady, who is arguably the greatest QB of all time, has his seasons numbered as well.


Denver Bronco's Quarterback Peyton Manning walking off field after Super Bowl 48 loss

No matter how you want look at Super Bowl 48, as complete disaster on behalf of the Broncos or as an extraordinary display of defense in part of the Seahawks, Seattle’s victory is in the books. Although last night’s Super Bowl has come to a close both of these talented teams can now look forward to next season for yet another chance at winning a Super Bowl title.

“This hurt, mind you. This stung. But it is not in Manning's makeup to wallow in disappointment or pity, even though he and his Denver Broncos teammates squandered an opportunity to put Manning in untouchable company.”~ ESPN


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