RoboCop 2014

Its seems everybody these days want to do remakes of movies. So they decided to do a remake of the movie RoboCop from the 80's. I have seen all three of the movies from the 80s including the tv show they did with that character. To tell the truth, I like the remake somewhat better than what was previous done. There was one or two similarities with the original. Like with the original, there was a thing in Alex's programing that prevented him from harming a certain individual from Omicorp. That thing still exists, only it was this special wrist band that does the job of that this time. Alex still mention that dead or alive you are coming with me phrase as well. Perhaps one last similarity is Alex had an wife and son like he did in the original.

But what was I think is a better way for them to go unlike what was done in the original is his wife and son got much more screen time in the remake. There was aspects of this movie that was refreshing to me. He got a different outfit than what was originally wore by Robocop in the 80's movie. He wore an more tactical looking outfit and it was black. The talk show element which had the host played Samuel L. Jackson was nice too. At one point in the movie, they tried to shut up Alex's emotions with some chemicals, but he somehow undid that. That's basically what happens with the whole trying to harming a certain individual from Omicorp.

The character played by Gary Oldman who was called Dr Dennettt Norton seems to be a man with ambition and yet has ethics as well. As he gently points out what is he going to tell his wife and what is she going to tell his son when Alex asks to die. That whole scene in fact has a touch of realism to it because I once saw a movie where an soldier ask not to see his family after he had been hurt. I believe after such instances where they have occurred; people in real life have done that. It connects to what the people such as a producer or two, director Jose Padhilla and a couple of actors from the film speak of in an Robocop featurette entitled Man and Machine. It mentions that we are just really close to there being an actually Robocop. The Actor Joel Kinnaman who plays Alex Murphy said “In reality we are very close to many things in the movie right now.”in the featurette. Those things being we have drones flying in the sky that are control like you are playing a video game, an implant can be put in your eyes that allows you to see and a chip can be put in a paralyzed person's brain which allows then to control a robotic arm. So one day a man may have to actually deal with the kind of struggles that may come with this situation. People would also have to deal with how they interact with and or treat such a man. This is where the ethics of Dr Dennett Norton definely come into play. When the people at Omicorp decide Alex is not good for business so to speak. They try to have the Doctor be silent about the whole thing with unlimited funding for his research and he appears to take the deal or bride. But as he is leaving an office he calls his assistant and tell her to wake up Alex and not let the men in to kill him. She does what she is told. If this is real life, one day; then I hope people will treat an individual like that; as a person instead of a product which was done in the movie.

If someone asks me to state which movie was done better than what was previous made, I state the Robocop 2014 is that movie. The original one looks stale in comparison to this one which was refreshingly done. As well as not being remade so different that the concept for the whole Robocop thing loses its' charm.