"Health Benefits of Laughter": Free Program in Easthampton

EASTHAMPTON—Trevor Smith, a certified laughter leader and human potential coach, will lead a free program to teach laughter therapy exercises and other techniques to help people reduce stress in their lives.

The “Laugh for the Health of It” program will be held Saturday, March 1 from 3-4 p.m. at the Easthampton Community Center, 12 Clark St. The program, sponsored by a grant from the Easthampton Cultural Council, is open to the public.

Smith will use techniques he has learned as a recreation therapist and through his Master’s degree in counseling psychology to help people through laughter to enhance their immune system and give them a more positive outlook, among other benefits.

Specifically, Smith will

  • help participants develop strategies so they can modify aspects of their life to achieve their fullest potential.
  • identify and apply factors to help people adjust their attitudes and emotions to improve health, increase happiness and learn to be more satisfied in life.
  • discuss the difference between laughter and humor and show how laughter provides the opportunity to develop positive social connections between people.
  • teach participants theatre-based laughter, breathing and stretching exercises and the importance of camaraderie.

“I welcome everyone to learn the principles of good-hearted living and dare to take the laughter oath with me to make laughter a part of their daily lives,” Smith said. “But mostly, I want everyone to have fun laughing out loud while rediscovering their inner child.”

For more information about the program, contact Smith at (413) 204-8308 or email him at tsmith9916@aol.com. To register, call the Easthampton Community Center at (413) 527-5240.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Grapengieser via Flickr under Creative Commons.