Northampton Historical Commission Meeting Notice

DATE:             Monday, July 29, 2013
TIME:             5:30 PM
PLACE:          City Hall Hearing Room 18, 210 Main Street

For questions contact:
Sarah LaValley, staff:, or
David Drake, Chairman:


1.                  General Public Comment
2.                  5:30 - Public Hearing: To determine whether 66 Paradise Rd, map ID 31C-014, and 70 Paradise Road, “Sunnyside,” map ID 31C-013, should be determined "Preferably Preserved" pursuant to the Northampton Demolition Ordinance, Chapter 161 of the General Code.
3.                  Approval of Minutes,  April 1 2013, April 29, 2013, May 20 2013, June 24, 2013
4.                  State Hospital Project Updates and Discussion
a.                State Hospital Fountain CPA Project
b.               State Hospital Artifact Auction
c.                Memorial Bench
5.                 Section 106 Review – Telecommunications Installation, 115 and 123 Elm Street
6.                 Update on Merger of Historical and Local Historic District Commissions
7.                  Review of Mail
8.                  Other business not foreseen when agenda was prepared
9.                  Adjourn


Photo Courtesy to Rick Payette