CISA Farm Stand Bingo

NORTHAMPTON - Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) is holding a Local Hero Challenge each month - and July through August is "Farm Stand Bingo."

The Local Hero Challenge is part of a monthly campaign celebrating CISA's 20th anniversary.  The Challenges entice people to connect to local farms and to buy and cook with more locally grown products.   Each month, residents who complete a challenge are entered into a raffle for a local treat.  "Farm Stand Bingo" is a Bingo card with spaces based on Touch, Taste, Learn, and Bring Home.  Participants must do one of each of the categories to be eligible for the raffle.

Paradise City Press knocked two Bingo spaces off the list this week by visiting a local winery (Godard's Red Hen Farm & Mineral Hills Winery in Florence) and a farm we had never been to before (Ravenwold Greenhouses in Florence).  We caught up with the owners of both farms to talk about their history, what's in season now and how being a Local Hero has benefitted them.

To find out more about Farm Stand Bingo or CISA, visit

Godard's Red Hen Farm & Mineral Hills Winery

Ravenwold Greenhouses


Photo courtesy of North Charleston via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.