Northampton Conservation Commission Agenda

Northampton Conservation Commission
5:00 PM, Thursday May 9, 2013
City Hall Hearing Room 2nd floor, 210 Main Street, Northampton

General Public Comment

Approval of Minutes
April 25, 2013

5:00 PM - Continuation: Notice of Intent for construction of a single family home in buffer zone to bordering vegetated wetlands and bank.  Ezra Parzybock. 46 Norwood Avenue, Parcel 30B-125.

5:20 PM Request for Determination of Applicability to determine if construction of a fence within buffer zone is subject to the Wetlands Protection Act or Northampton Wetlands Ordinance.   MA Division of Capital Asset Mgmt, Hampshire County House of Corrections. Parcel 37-76,  205 Rocky Hill Road

Agricultural License Process for Open Space

Discuss Possible Wetlands Ordinance Amendment, C337 -4: Create exception for  ‘activities that are temporary in nature, have negligible impacts, and are necessary for planning and design purposes’

Review of Mail

Review of Staff-Issued Permits

All other business not foreseen when agenda was published


Photo courtesy of Sue90ca Pollen Levels So High We Can't Go Out.